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Yes. Hey there Assalamualaikum and please double please don't ask me why my old posts are gone. the answer is : I've deleted them *wink*

So its probably obvious what Im writing about. Yeah, SPM. no, im not here to boast about my result or whatever you may think but why not I share some thoughts or give some inspiration right cewah

Here it is. some might be happy, too gay after receiving their result and some might feel miserable, like the end of the world and all. Chill man. We have a loooooooooooong way to go, so no worries.

Let me start with how my (butterfly in my stomach) day was. Same like the others- I couldnt stay still ; but if "TAWAKAL" is what we claim to be, we have to keep on praying and trust the Almighty. So i didnt stop praying for the best all morning. Let me repeat, I prayed for the best (not other than that) that Allah knows for me. It might be 9A+ or it might be not so only Allah knows. After all, He is the greatest planner right?

To be really honest I was sad after seeing the result. Not because i didnt get a perfect result, and all. But because I couldnt share my precious moment with my most loved ones , my parents of course because they are at the Tanah Suci. But I did feel better when I saw my teachers and friends congratulating me and giving me a warm hug; so thats fine.

My main point is.. okay sorry for the delay, I think I wrote things about myself too much earlier. So the main point is, whatever our result is, I hope it does create a smile on our parents' face; and the heart whispers "Alhamdulillah". after all, they have spent too much money on us especially for our education. I bet they dont ask us to pay back everything- all they want is to see their daughters or sons successful. So, whether our result is good or maybe not, lets try to make them proud of us, maybe not today, but why not tomorrow?

Some tips I may give for those who think that they are not good enough, firstly dont give up yet because there is still chance so just try to grab the chance. Apply what you might think is eligible for you and all. Remember to never hesitate Allah's plan, He knows. He really knows everything. And He will give the best. Have faith- that's all.

For those who want some study tips, (i know im not that good huhu just sharing) , for me the most important is to BE YOURSELF. do not exceed your limit, your ability. Do what you can and dont follow other people's learning style. Each and everyone of us is different. You may be seeing me sleeping in class but dont say " she often sleeps but how come she can get good results? so i should just do the same" NO. you and me, we are not the same. what i do, how i study might not be the same as you. So find your perfect study style. But remember not to pressure yourself, make it in a relaxed way but productive. Not the quantity counts, but quality does.

Second, NEVER stop praying. We may not be that good in studies, we may not remember all the content in history subject, we may not master in calculating and all the other stuffs, but pray. doa ialah senjata orang mukmin kan? i bet we are familiar with this. so use this advantage to pray to Allah so that we have ingatan yang kuat, hati yang terang, and all. anything that we want. Insya Allah, it will be granted. :)

Lastly, try to HELP others as much as we can. sometimes we dont know a particular topic that much but someone asks us to teach them, eh dont let out a heavy sigh yet. try to help because teaching people actually teaches us too which actually gives us double understanding about that topic. Its proven! so teach people if they dont understand something. kita tolong orang, Allah akan tolong kita,

I think this is quite long. so thats all I guess. A few stuffs to be cleared is that "Jangan pernah bersangka buruk dengan Allah".

Alhamdulillah thanks Ya Allah for this perfect result you have given. I hope with this result, I can continue to seek for knowledge not just in dunia but also hereafter. And, if menuntut ilmu kerana Allah, insya Allah, Allah akan mudahkan segalanya. So we have to always remind ourself niat kita tuntut ilmu sebab apa. Insya Allah. I hope all the flaws will be forgiven. Till I write again.